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 Batman: Arkham Asylum

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PostSubject: Batman: Arkham Asylum   Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:05 pm

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publishers: Eidos Interactive (EU)/ Konami (JP)/ Warner Bros. Interactive; DC Comics (NA)
Writer: Paul Dini
Series: Batman
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platforms: Microsoft Windows/ PlayStation 3/ Xbox 360
Release Dates: August 25, 2009 (NA)/ August 28, 2009 (EU)
Genre: Action-Adventure/ Stealth
Mode: Single-Player
Ratings: BBFC = 15/ CERO = B/ ESRB = T/ PEGI = 16+
Media: DVD-DL/ Blu-Ray Disc
Input Methods = Gamepad/ Keyboard & Mouse

Gameplay: The game has a more closed gameplay atmosphere. In a description by Game Informer, the gameplay is reminiscent of BioShock. Gameplay places just as much focus on Batman's role as a detective as his combat prowess. Most of the game is played from Batman's perspective through an over-the-shoulder, third person perspective, similar to that of Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space. It has been hinted that certain villains might be playable at some point in the game although this may be as an unlockable element after completing the game. Arkham was chosen as a location because of its limitations including the fact that it's located on an island. Arkham will be a persistent location that the player is able to freely roam, including an area that serves as Batman's secret on-site Bat Cave. Arkham will make use of Batman's many gadgets to accomplish tasks and take down foes, such as using the grapple gun to get a better perspective on a particular area.

Plot: The game begins with Batman capturing the Joker after his latest plot, escorting him to Arkham Asylum for imprisonment where, due to the Joker's recent attack on Gotham's Blackgate prison, a large number of sane convicts have been transferred. However, the Joker, with the help of Harley Quinn, frees all the inmates and closes the asylum with Batman and Commissioner Gordon inside, threatening to detonate bombs all around Gotham if someone tries to enter the building. Batman must uncover the full extent of the Joker's plan while contending with the horrors of Arkham.

Blue Beetle
Commissioner James Gordon

The Joker
Killer Croc
The Riddler
Harley Quinn
Mr. Zsasz
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
Tweedledum And Tweedledee
Maxie Zeus
Hugo Strange
Killer Moth
Ra's al Ghaul

First Trailer

Joker Trailer


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Batman: Arkham Asylum
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